Frequently Asked Questions

We charge $68 per man hour for a licensed electrician, $63 for a Skilled Tech for jobs that are not service calls.

Service Call Electric Work $95.00
*A service call is when you need us to drop by and make a quick fix. This may be scheduled or not scheduled. For example, if you simply need a ballast changed, have a tripped breaker.

Emergency calls after hours and weekends are $95 per man hour.

Yes.  We have complete coverage as an electrical contractor to satisfy the state of Vermont.  We have 2 master electricians and a journeyman on the team.

We are a full service electrical contractor.  You can view a full synopsis of our work here.

Yes, we built this company on small jobs. No job is too small!

Yes, medium to large depending on the scope of work.

Yes, our loyal customers come first, but you can reach us at 802-673-0407.

Occasionally, but our main focus is the NEK here in VT. We like our employees to be home at night with their families if at all possible. To ensure this, our work is mainly based about an hour or so around Newport, VT.

Rusty’s Electric was started in April of 2004.  Read about our company here.

We do both. Smaller jobs are generally done by the hour as time and material. We give estimates and bids with a lot of the larger job’s being contract.

At this time, we are not accepting credit cards. Check is the preferred payment method.