Electric Car Chargers!

We are super excited to let our customers know that we are now certified to install electric car chargers! We can put them in both residential and commercial properties. We are finding that they are making a great addition to offered amenities to AirBnB properties!

Lift Training Day!

What a way to start off the week! All of our guys got together today for a training session with our new lift. (And Alan got to test out his new level!) I think they might be having a bit of fun out there! A big thank you to Lake Region Union High School for our first job with the new baby!

Another Job Done!

Another great job in the books. This was done by our awesome duo, Mit and Alan. Do you have an ever growing list of electrical work? Give us a call today to schedule your appointment!

Conserve Energy

Did you know⁉️ One-fourth the energy of standard incandescent bulbs can be saved by changing the type of lightbulb you use? This, combined with their longer lifespan, translates into significant cost savings. For example, a CFL bulb has a lifespan of approximately 10,000 hours. During that lifespan, it will use 140 kilowatt hours of electricity. At 20 cents per kilowatt ...


EXCITING DAY!! Rusty and Ethan left EARLY this morning to travel down to Manchester, NH to pick up our new green baby! We are happy to say that bigger jobs and taller jobs will be made much easier with our new lift! Oh the places we can get to now. What do you think of her?!

Carpenter Shop

What a great job we recently wrapped up. This is the carpenters shop at Heartbeet Lifesharing in Hardwick. With this beautiful, energy efficient shop complete, the residents there can now create their own woodworking projects in a warm, freshly wired, and well lit facility. It is all set up and ready to go!


We are just a phone call away to keep YOU from getting zapped!


Another storm is brewing. Are you ready?? ❄️Tell us about your favorite part of the winters here in Vermont in the comments below!❄️

Stay Safe!

Hope you all are staying warm and safe on our first winter-y day of the season!